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People sometimes ask what's the secret to OTC Exchange's success. The answer is obvious: Our Employees!


Available Positions

OTC Exchange Angels

Any mentioning of the OTC Exchange team would be incomplete without OTC Exchange Angels. They are volunteers who spend a considerable amount of time and energy helping OTC Exchange grow. They pour their hearts in caring for OTC Exchange. They do not get paid. They simply enjoy helping one of the best crypto exchanges grow and being part of the journey. If you wish to become a OTC Exchange Angel, please let us know.

Quantitative Analyst

If you have the penchant for looking at the world in numbers and statistics, is experienced in quantitative analysis and building financial models including risk pricing and valuation modeling, is comfortable with coding and working with large data sets, then we are looking for you. Come and join us.

Web UI front-end developer

If you know JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, and Websockets like the back of your hand, and is comfortable building cross-browser pages like https://otcexchange.trade,  then come and put your skills to good use.

C/C++ developer

If you pride yourself in writing highly efficient and reliable C++ code; know STL, Boost, in-memory data structures; have experience in building fault-tolerant systems from the ground up without leveraging 3rd-party libraries, then come and help us build the fastest matching-engine in the world.

Product Manager

If craftsmanship is your thing, join our product team who treats our product like their youngest baby. Be prepared for some heated parent-like debates over product design, or which shade of purple is right for the depth-chart; Also be prepared to share the glory of a beautiful product that the crypto industry loves. We now have multiple babies to attend to, including Web, PC, and mobile

Android Developer

If you can write robust and full-featured Android trading apps, with minimal size and network footprint, come and join our Android team.


If finding other people’s problems is your specialty, then we have the right job for you, boy (or girl). Are you someone who can always think of that corner case that no one has thought about? Or are you someone who has to find the last bug in the system? Come and put your white hat skills to good use.

iOS Developers

If you can design and code beautiful and functional iOS app for trading, then we have some exciting projects waiting for you.

Legal & Compliance

If you can help us be compliant and get licenses in every country, that would be great! Well, if you are this person, you are probably very serious, and don’t like my style of writing. Trust me, we are very serious. We do everything proper here at OTC Exchange.

Content Writers

If you are a good writer, I could use some help. There are so much to write about OTC Exchange and cryptocurrency. Write to us.

Project Manager

If you can keep track of 198 moving tasks in your head? Not only that, you know which task has to be done before another, what are the tradeoffs of doing one before another, who is more fit to do each task, while making sure everyone is working something important. And when asked, you can respond within 0.1 seconds, “yup, that will be done by 9:59 PM today”. If this is you, how would you like to be in the driver’s seat of the world’s best crypto exchange and have a definitive say in which approved coin goes live when?

Java developer

If you can write high-quality code in Java 7/8, know MySQL, MongoDB, Spring, Tomcat, Redis well, then come and join our hardworking and humble Java team.


This is where all the fun is. You get to spend all the money, doing crazy giveaways worth millions of dollars, make t-shirts and other gifts, host votes and competitions, run offline events, and get to talk on TV (well, on YouTube at least). One minor fine print, you need to be able to bring in users. If this is you, come and help us spend some more money.

Dev Ops

If spawning up EC2 instances, configuring load balancers and fending off DDoS attacks is your thing, how would you like to work on one of the most secure and mission-critical financial systems in the world?

Customer Support

If taking care of others, helping people solve their problems is your thing, then you can literally come and “save the world.” We have people from all over the world needing your help. If you speak other languages in addition to English, that would be especially helpful.


The world is getting smaller, and OTC Exchange is growing bigger. As an international organization, we need people who speak multiple languages. As a minimum, you should know at least two of: English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages. The more languages you speak, the better.



We are ramping up our team in the following locations, in priority order: Tokyo, HK, Singapore, Europe and South America and other locations.

OTC crypto-top

Our Team

We are professional public market and software developers with 20+ years of experience each. We worked in different organizations from United States public startups to large international corporations. All the projects we participated in are successful.

Now we are focused on a development of blockchain ecosystem. We consider OTC Exchange as a solution that can help other teams to bring their projects to life by helping them with raising funds and unifying them with global investment partners for their development

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