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OTC ICO Platform, a decentralized blockchain ICO launching, trading, information and community platform targeted toward entrepreneurs, investors and crypto service providers alike.


Crypto Platform

We believe the internet has become humanity’s most important technology. Our goal has always been to drive the mainstream adoption of decentralized blockchain technologies. We build crypto-market protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. Today, we are focused on the OTC Unity Platform, a decentralized blockchain ICO launching, trading, information and community platform targeted toward entrepreneurs, investors and crypto enthusiast alike. OTC Exchange offers the technology, support, and services to help companies and investors rapidly deploy the right blockchain solution for them. Launch and list your ICO campaigns, create a smart contract, raise funds or contribute to other startups right here on OTC Exchange.

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For entrepreneurs

Our decentralized ICO platform enables the release of new compliant offerings to the world without middleman involvement. Furthermore, even entrepreneurs who have previously built other blockchain projects outside our ecosystem can easily feature their coin or token on our decentralized exchange. The only requirement is that the blockchain product have the proper security elements in the core of the blockchain’s code.

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For Investors

Our decentralized information and exchange platform enables Investors to trade cryptocurrencies without having to pass through a centralized exchange, which can be an arduous and even dangerous process. They also do not have to use an escrow service, voucher, nor even an intermediary coin—not even Bitcoin. Furthermore, there is no registration process required, nor are there any withdrawal limits. We currently feature approximately one thousand blockchain coins for trading, and we are prepared to scale into multi thousands.

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For Service Providers

Job marketplace for contributors, Every project needs a help in different areas: coding, design, legal support, copywriting, marketing, etc. If you a person with required skills, then you can easily find a job at our marketplace. Help a project and get paid in cryptocurrency.

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Our Team

We are professional public market and software developers with 20+ years of experience each. We worked in different organizations from United States public startups to large international corporations. All the projects we participated in are successful.

Now we are focused on a development of blockchain ecosystem. We consider OTC Exchange as a solution that can help other teams to bring their projects to life by helping them with raising funds and unifying them with global investment partners for their development

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